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Discover brand new movies, across all genres, only available on Flix Premiere. Festival winning movies and much more. We release our films just like the movie theater - each with their own Premiere night.

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Please check the attached doc above.


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For printing.

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HRD/Admin Officer
Moonbake Inc.
14 Langka St., Golden Acres Talon 1

Las Piñas City, Philippines 1630

Tel. No.: 632 8004373, 632 8022645
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Mobile Number: +63932-845-9007
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Payslip for the month Dec 2016.

Dear customer,

We are sending your payslip for the month Dec 2016 as an attachment with this mail.

Note: This is an auto-generated mail. Please do not reply.
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Order Receipt

Dear ta-na-internet.blognet,

Thank you for making your order in our store!

The payment receipt and crucial payment information are in the attached document.

King Regards,
Stuart Schwartz
Sales Manager
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Order Receipt

Dear ta-na-internet.blognet,

Thank you for making your order in our store!

The payment receipt and crucial payment information are in the attached document.

King Regards,
Roger Dickerson
Sales Manager
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Boleto de Pagamento

'Esta mensagem, incluindo seus anexos, pode conter informacoes privilegiadas e/ou de carater confidencial, nao podendo ser retransmitida sem autorizacao do remetente. Se voce nao e o destinatario ou pessoa autorizada a recebe-la, informamos que o seu uso, divulgacao, copia ou arquivamento sao proibidos. Portanto, se voc� recebeu esta mensagem por engano, por favor, nos informe respondendo imediatamente a este e-mail e em seguida apague-a.'�


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Order #3314773

Hello ta-na-internet.blognet, your order #3314773 for $86233057689812530130812036375085549667406677700876868468824578031029000477943094228437860934732031179800264925663506975768661109240752272321715167311314081831981565782136250651505589397312165523903853568094606019337129614441946741224104547262236119541816825779429948488318333342938874841766373535293485995952260025920700404893686196361331304733799097042957668208070297727805574655618872090623492673627496840548274467508984378185243116818216718529052948964143840745062824264331871435064326615863313610454483554743650294194631779020840709105324205239395100576764501865242131681553089939960588800027540073113156358893670245650969718168089597995585215898063067950383367825 is delivered the destination.
Sending you the receipt. Please pay it prior to next week.

The receipt is in the attachment.

Best Wishes,
Ana Giles
Delivery Manager
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Card Receipt




Please find attached receipt of payment made to us today






Jamaal booth or boothby| Branch Administrator

AquAid | Birmingham & Midlands Central

Unit 35 Kelvin Way Trading Estate | West Bromwich | B70 7TP

Telephone:        0121 525 4533

Fax:                  0121 525 3502

Mobile:              07795328895

Email:               Jamaal.booth or

AquAid Franchising Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with registered number 3505477 and registered office at 51 Newnham Road, Cambridge, CB3 9EY, UK. This message is intended only for use by the named addressee and may contain privileged and/or confidential information. If you are not the named addressee you should not disseminate, copy or take any action in reliance on it. If you have received this message in error please notify the sender and delete the message and any attachments accompanying it immediately. Neither AquAid nor any of its Affiliates accepts liability for any corruption, interception, amendment, tampering or viruses occurring to this message in transit or for any message sent by its employees which is not in compliance with AquAid corporate policy.



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Recent order

Dear ta-na-internet.blognet,

The counteragent has conducted the checking and found no confirmed payment for the recent order.
Please process the payment ($5793254661789977727666727405620141105527709232284726742302062531070703322670279787385449458441722385357277107364129347063648950232521888816294659209994558218964742004321473219922084052218216731152062805354219426984018119078300983439212424512766509100634429750640302867773830888175828487023543381691978641226353767941901307211667864321089694502772575163114199010588403484288471242877583240330972191788423434801215602467387857956863042505764949428126223052211323269998448446696489921739464749493083202889390546076021179686180514622686353064752331503897577873755053361951701819371672916827189357806823341492822625712771036246599506824517771546972405930360101230318594731753204893222994948284557339244259442714438545760123221209540707129623702216911815339077810720356666854208516731074713095846582957791823050199632739103395963546125822222060306301401451484728797669209622149138317570316987363399360339726104573437429958753959531232625049246049746673054097524990078077785936493293062506243759089335407646349514475091116137885298105731021329637195520550570623997610111125104945320158264381495414248433927314918183461008342430706246269789548013984367026199203199122712056743482106061717208551050894411059308011097519669695843800639454521186112111897760432035090791530013241095470210726012010529700132680188024584542328894559205575947639790293459622831722350061306953662829857818519118918163159491462543651679455905524977948895356303424853501463955873727718439752245961939158110554489762539471265113606131515007057779004248734985780409634912815329206162073667806608731824536540663820420713786390678887122415883572238103361567380216942989329157516757433133363612728585041069858057290601512139443643424545459090661791593377535470760673386414724377584516551148618141408099878819908272250093030422172723830228170774027083422614000834689857905514025670642172593790657199275747758020349323279898968735588275580850106748794188695461402904992972781765542656307927257596402900240377882743779293377941194479052341188993083504856777869359249936994905576054462892351760358533200407896800623902126230500948704053916965019887392968096451846908459262432717585495776784373684368038079320927292181242060668074494095469189244742957125753997580538402450220174720604015639373483450863535342238455890776439249623256412029086753074754082841754385597430638457532334652358299313320423251482437780356207768871180928481847536929891963189431691915433607033317 again. All details are in the attachment.

Feel free to email us if you have any inquiry.

King Regards,
Desiree Miller
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Dear Client! We have to inform you that payments for contractors' services were insufficient.
Thus, we are sending the report and the amount details in the attachment.
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Dear ta-na-internet.blognet, our accountant informed me that in the bill you processed, the invalid account number had been specified.

Please be guided by instructions in the attachment to fix it up.
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For Your Consideration

Greetings! You paid for yesterday's invoice - the total sum was $8109.
Unfortunately, you hadn't included the item #27976-57162 of $247.
Please transfer the remainder as soon as possible.

All details are in the attachment. Please check it out to see whether we are right.
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Urgent Alert

Dear ta-na-internet.blognet, we have detected a suspicious money ATM withdrawal from your card.
For your security, we have temporarily blocked the card.
All the details are in the attachment. Please open it when possible.
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Comprovante de pagamento

Bom dia segue o comprovante de
transferencia como foi combinado, aguardo
o envio quando verifica me avisa por favor
agradecido e vai desculpando a demora ok. R$ 387,00

Segue em anexo o comprovante

Comprovante de deposito

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3. Digite o seguinte código:
Ir às compras
Para validar seu vale-presente acesse sua conta atravйs deste e-mail, na opзгo acima "Ir аs compras".
Se estiver com alguma dúvida contate-nos.
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